The Peeper turns into the help

A few minutes later he walked into the back yard. She was reading her book. I could not tell if they were talking. She had put her bathing suit back on. She then got up and walk inside there house. He kept moving the back yard.

I put on some clothes and ran back to turn off the lawn mower, in my back yard. I opened the small wooden doors, to the tool shed. I then pulled the one over head light, to turn it on. There were a few tool in the shed. A big can of gasoline, and enough room for the lawn mower. I shut the door and walked back to my house. I picked up my clothes off the grass. I then walked back inside my house. An hour later he was done cutting his lawn.

A week later, I did the same thing as before. I waited for his lawn mower to cut out. I then started my lawn mower. I climbed up the fence to see him leave. I then saw his wife, she was topless on her lounge chair. She had her black blind fold over her eyes. I could see her book was wide open. In the grass. I tossed my clothes back into my yard. I walked up behind her. She started to breath heavy. "Gosh honey. You mowed the front yard pretty fast." she said. I was already stroking my cock very fast. She was rubbing her big breast. I watched as her bikini bottoms turned a dark color. I then smelled her wet pussy. Ten minutes passed before she moaned again. I inched closer. "God! You never last this long. Shoot it on me." she yelled. I moved in closer and aimed my cock at her big breast. A second later, I started to cum. I coated both her big breast before I turned to jump over her fence. I slipped on my clothes and got back to my room.

I fell on my bed. I then looked at my window. She was licking her big breast. She had cleaned off her right breast and was working on her left. I then saw her husband pull up in his car. He pulled out the gas can from the trunk. He walked around the front yard. A few minutes later he started his mower. I watched his wife clean both her big breast, with her tiny mouth. She licked both her big nipples, before her husband walked around toward her. She laid back on the lounge chair. She went back to reading her book. Her husband was giving her funny looks as he mowed the lawn. She reached down to put her bikini top back on. She then turned to walk in her house. I watched as she went to her bedroom. She took off her bikini. She then spent the next thirty minutes fingering her pussy. She orgasm so hard. Her husband stopped the mower, to go check on his wife.

Two weeks later:

I heard the lawn mower start next door. My cock got instantly hard. I walked down stairs. I opened the back door. I walked toward my small shed. I opened up the wooden door. I pulled down my lawn mower. I pushed it next to the fence. A few minutes passed before I heard the lawn mower next door run out of gas. I then heard the door to my neighbor car shut. Then he back down the driveway. I peeked over the fence. I then took off my clothes. I hoped over the fence into my neighbors yard. My mouth fell open. In my zest to come jerk my cock on the Milf next door. I had failed to see what she was wearing on her lounge chair.

She was only wearing a pair of platform flip flops. Maybe 4inch in height. She had put baby oil over 90 percent of her body. She was glistening in the sun light. Her large breast were looked twice the size all wet. My cock was sticking straight out. She had turned her lounge chair to face the other way. Now I was standing near her feet, and not near her head. Like before. She had her blind fold over her eyes. She was pinching her nipples. They were dark purple as she breathed heavy. I was frozen in time. I was not sure what to do next.

"Frank! Is that you? God! I'm so horny today. Come and fuck my tits. Like you used to do before we got married." she said. I moaned softly as I put my hand on my cock. Was she serious. Could she see me. I did not care. I wanted to see her reaction. I slowly moved next to her. My full almost 6ft 4 muscular body was on her right side. My shadow cut off the sun on her face and big breast. She started to breath heavy. "Honey! Your such a tease. Please! Please! Titty Fuck me..." she moaned. I reached down to tug on her nipples. She moved her fingers down to the side of her breast. She scooped them up toward me. I smiled, then bent down to bite her oily nipples. She almost screamed! She muffled her voice.

A minute later, I straddled her lounge chair. My feet on either side. I then slowly bent down shoving my hard 9 3/4 inches cock between her large breast. She moaned as I easily squeezed in her large cleavage. Her skin was so warm. My cock was so hot between her breast. She moaned again. She was jamming her large breast down the sides of my shaft. The tip of my cock was close to her mouth. She stuck out her tongue. My naked balls rubbed on her chest. She moaned. "Frank! Your so big today. What's gotten into you. Your balls are huge on my chest. Our they shaved? Did you shave them? That a good boy. Keep fucking your wife's breast. MMmmmm...." she moaned.

I reached down with my fingers. I tugged on her nipples. She moaned really hard. Her feet and legs spread open farther. "Oh! God! Honey! Your making me cum. This has never happened before. Your so nasty today. Hold my breast. Use them. I need to feel my wet pussy..." she yelled. I looked over my shoulder. She could not get her hands around her breast and stomach. She was a few inches short of her pussy. I pressed her warm cleavage together and tugged on her nipples. She kept moaning. I then picked up the pace. A few minutes passed before I erupted. "Uggghhh!" I moaned. I then unleashed a large load on her face, chin, and all over her breast. She was covered. I then turned my head. I heard a car pull up out front. I dropped her breast. I then took a few steps toward the fence. I landed in my back yard. My cock smashed into the grass.

It took me a minute or two to get off the grass. I ran to my bedroom and watched. She was rubbing my cum all over upper body. She licked her fingers. Her husband walked around the side of the house a few minutes later. She was still naked. Her fingers rubbed her pussy. She had her eyes closed. He took out his cock and jerked off quickly. He missed her breast but hit the side of the lounge. She opened her eyes. "Back for more." I read her lips. Then he turned to finish mowing the lawn.

A few days passed before I heard the lawn mower start next door. I looked out my bedroom window. This time the sexy MILF neighbor was on her knees. Her head was forward, her big ass was facing the fence. She was completely naked. Except for her blind fold, covering her eyes. Her romance novel was in the grass next to a bottle of wine. The bottle was half full. I looked down to see my cock was rock hard. I raced down to my back shed. I pulled out my lawn mower. I then heard his stop. I turned on my mower. I looked over the fence. He was heading to the gas station. I was heading for his wife.

I was a few feet from her lounge chair. She turned to look towards me. She was still wearing her blond fold. "I can hear you, Frank! Fuck me. Fuck me like you used to. It's been so long. I need you. Please..." she said. I just smiled. I spit on my left hand. I then wiped some saliva on my cock. I took two big steps behind her. I then slowly grabbed her big hips. She dropped her head down. I then rammed my cock all the way inside her hot pussy. She screamed. I moaned. She was so tight. I had to hold on, she tried to force my cock back out. She was not used to my size. "FRANK!!! You bastard. Your cock is huge inside me today. I never felt you this big before. What have you been doing. Did you take a pill. Fuck! Fuck! Me harder....That a good husband" she yelled at me.

I started to smack her big tan ass. I used both my hands to spank that ass. "God! What are you doing? You never spanked me before. I love it." she moaned. I smiled. I then dropped down on my ass. I was close to the edge of the lounge chair. I started to jam my cock at a different angle in her pussy. She was moaning so loud, I thought the other neighbors might call the police. I finally stood back on my feet. I pulled my cock all the way out of her tight pussy. My cock was dripping from her wetness. She started to look around. "Don't stop Frank. Keep fucking me damn it. Fuck me!! Fuck!!..." she grunted as I slammed my hard cock back in her pussy.

I reached around her waist to fondle her big breast. I gripped them as I fucked her pussy. After a few minutes I put both my feet on the edge of the lounge chair. I really started to fuck her pussy now. She screamed. I grunted. I moved my hands to her lower back. I slapped her ass one more time. She screamed. I pushed my cock all the way, deep inside her. "Cum inside me Frank....fill me up." she shouted. I held onto her hips. I started to unload a big thick stream of cum, deep inside her. She wiggled her ass against my hard abs. It took me a few minutes to withdraw my cock from her tight pussy. I then turned to leap over the fence. My face hit the ground first this time.

I got up and looked around. What had just happened. Did I just fuck my hot MILF neighbor. Where was her husband. In shock, I ran to my room. Once there I looked out my window. My mouth dropped open. My neighbor had her blind fold off. She was scooping cum from her tight pussy with her middle finger. She then licked some with her wide tongue. My eyes moved to her husband. He was walking out the glass window, from there house. He put down the gas can next to the lounge chair. I then looked in my back yard. My lawn mower was still going. Fuck! Had I blown it. What had I done. I then looked back at her on the lounge chair. She was talking to her husband. She got up and touched the front of his shorts. She then whispered in his ear. She put her fingers in his mouth. He took a big lick. She smiled. She then went into the house. He went back to mowing his lawn. I ran out and turn off my mower. I pushed it back in the tool shed.

For the next few days, I kept looking into my neighbors yard. I did not see either one of them. Then on Friday. The sun came out. I could barley see in the back yard from the bright sun. I opened my window. My cock got hard. I heard the sound of my neighbor mowing. I quickly got out of bed. I pulled up my tan cargo shorts from the side of the bed. I took another look out the back window. The sun was still in my eyes. I ran down stairs. I opened the back door to my house. I ran toward the tool shed. I turned my head. Hoping I could see my sexy neighbor. I did not see anything but the fence. I caught my breath as I stopped at the tool shed.

I quickly opened the small tool shed door. I pulled out my lawn mower. I then started it, and pushed it next to the fence. I looked over the wooden fence. I saw the husband leaving in his small sports car. I quickly pulled off my clothes and tossed them in my grass, I hoped over the fence. I looked toward the side of the house. I did not see my sexy neighbor. Just the empty lounge chair and her book in the tall grass. I looked toward the front of the house. Nothing! Than the back yard again. Nothing! Finally I turned to see my neighbors tool shed. His lawn mover was at the bottom of the small wooden ramp. It was not running. I could only hear mine just over the fence. I then saw his empty gas can. It was the gas can I always take gas out of. I also saw more lawn equipment next to the tool shed. What was going on??? I thought.

I quickly walked over to the side of the tool shed. I looked down to see my cock half erect. I walked around the front of the tool shed. I leaned down to touch my neighbors small lawn mower. It was still warm. I then felt like someone was watching me. "Hello! Young man!" said a lady voice. I turned quickly. My mouth fell open. It was my hot MILF neighbor. She was standing inside the tool shed, completely naked. She had her hands on her sexy hips. "I was hoping you were not a dream, I was having. Every time I read my book. I wake up covered in thick white cum. You will have to excuse the mess in my lawn today. My husband went to buy a new lawn mower. He was getting tired of his old one running out of gas so quickly. I told him we should hire someone to mow our lawn. So he could relax. But he loves watching me get naked outside." she said. My mouth was still wide open.

I smiled as my neighbor walked down into her grass. She was wearing 4inch wooden heels and nothing else. She grabbed my right hand. We walked down the side of her house, toward her lounge chair. She smiled. We were now standing next to her big white lounge chair. She pulled me down, then pushed me into the lounge chair. I was now laying on my back. She then leaned down to pull up her black blind fold. She put it on my head, then pulled it over my eyes. I could see right through it. She had changed it since the first time I hoped the fence. My hard cock was standing straight up. She bent down to start sucking my cock. She swirl her tongue all round the tip of my cock. She cupped my balls and coated them with her saliva. I then felt her hand run up and down my body. She was sucking my cock and digging her fingernails in my chest.

I was breathing heavy. I then felt her mouth come off my cock. A second later I watched her lower her tight pussy on my cock. She was so wet. She slide right down my hard 9 3/4 inches. I felt her big pussy lips on the base of my cock. She bounced her ass off my naked balls. She put her hands on my chest. She was fucking me really hard. I put my big hands on her big ass. I squeezed real tight. "Fuck! Fuck! Your cock!! Lawn boy....Its so big. Mmmmm love my neighbor." she yelled. I move me hands to her big breast. She started to lick her big left nipple. She bite my middle finger. Then she moaned very loud.

I then looked down. Her pussy was clamping down on my cock. I felt her begin to slow down. I looked up. Her head was turned toward the fence. She smiled. She put her finger in front of her mouth. I then heard a lawn mower roll by the lounge chair. I heard a old guy breathing heavy. I then heard a zipper, followed by some pants hitting the grass near the lounge chair. I turned my head slightly to see who was watching us. It was her husband. He had his small cock out. He was jacking his hand very fast. A second later he came in his hand. He leaned down to pick up his pants. He pushed his new lawn mower down the side of the house, toward his tool shed.

A second later. She pulled my blind fold off. It fell around my neck. She was still bouncing up and down on my cock. I heard the lawn mower start. He was heading around to the front of the house. I reached up to put her left breast in my mouth. She smiled. She moaned. I started to move both her huge breast in my mouth. I bite her hard nipples and ran my tongue around her breast. She started to fuck me harder. Her whole body shook. I reached down to hold her hips. I started to bounce her higher in the air. She started to grind her pussy on my cock and moan very loud. She grabbed the side of my face. She smashed her breast on my face. I was being smothered. A minute later. I started to cum, deep inside her wet pussy. She started to orgasm on my cock. I could feel both are juices mix as she collapsed on my chest.

I looked back at my hot neighbor. "God your so hot baby. Your getting hard again. I can tell. My husband and I had a long talk last night.... About you honey. I told him we need to hire a lawn service to mow the lawn. He said we should hire a young neighbor to mow the lawn. He told me the best way to pay for the service. Was for me to have sex with our new lawn boy. Of course, as long as he can watch every now and then. He also like to eat me out, after you fuck me. You have such big loads. Your were still in me for 3 days last time. Would you like the job honey?" said My Sexy MILF Neighbor. She made me an offer, that I could not refuse.



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